Cellular Tower Photos

North Andover, MA

Multiple Provider Site on Hill neat Lawrence Airport

On the North Andover and Lawrence Line, at the Osgood Estate is a new TMobile and Sprint/Nextel site. It is colored like a number of light poles that are in the area to identify the hills surrounding the airport! Located in the woods on the top of a hill between the Osgood Estate and Rte 125, you can barely see the tower from the road.

Above you see a close up of the signs outside the site doors. Below you see a photo of the site from about 100 feet away.

Above and below you get a close up of the antenna array that is mounted at the top of the tower. There are three sections, one on top of the other, each will accomodate three antenna, making up the three 120 degree sectors.

I was surprised that how close this antenna was from the airport (about 1/2 mile).

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