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Arlington, MA

TMobile Site at Winchester Country Club

On the Winchester and Arlington line, at the Winchester Country Club is a new TMobile site, which was not even turned up when these pictures were tken in early January 2008. I became curious when checking out a coverage map, since the map shows a strong signal at the bottom of what I knew was a huge hill that the country club is built on. It is built directly on the line between Arlington and Winchester. The only way I know this is in the town of Arlington is that I located online the meeting records for the Arlington Selectmen who approved the site. There was no meeting record for the town of Winchester approving it! I guess they had no say!

Above you see a photo from the Country Club which is the driving range side. Below you see a photo from Cambridge Street, which is below the cell tower. Right accross the street is Mystic Lake. You can see the Country Clubs (heated) outdoor tennis courts, which are below the driving range. To the left of the tennis court is the cell site equipment.

Above and below you get a close up of the antenna array that is mounted above the wood poles which hold the netting for the driving range. It does blend in from the street, you probably woudn't even notice the cell site while driving by!

I was a little surprised that the country club would let TMobile build a site on the property, and that it was kind of in a valley, but I guess it gives excellent coverage at the club house, as well as Cambridge Street and the very expensive houses built nearby.

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