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Andover, MA

DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Andover, MA - National Grid Wireless

In Andover, MA , National Grid Wireless has built a Distributed Antenna System to fill coverage holes in the very wealthy suburb of Boston. It is built south of Phillips Academy on RTE 28, down the the North Reading line, and out to RTE 125, which cuts from RTE 93 to RTE 114 in North Andover. I believe that AT&T Wireless, TMobile, and Sprint are all being used on this system. The basic system is made up of multiple small sites covering a specific area, each connected by fiber to a central controller. Each site has a omnidirectional antenna, not the typical sectorized antenna system seen in most cell sites.

Above and below you see photos of the 'typical' pole mounted DAS setup.

Above and below you have pictures of the equipment cabinets attached to the telephone pole. On the bottom is most likely the power supply and battery backup. On top is the equipment, including fiberoptic connections, control electronics, and RF radio equipment.

Above you have a close up of the rear of the equipment cabinet attached to the telephone pole. You can see the fiber optic cable and power input on the right hand side, and the antenna cable and GPS cable inputs on the left hand side. Below you have a close up of the omnidirectional antenna at the top of the tower.If you look closely you can also see the GPS antenna mounted to the right of the omni stick antenna.

Below are some photos of a DAS site right on RTE 125.

These types of systems are not typical in the Massachusetts area, however the town of Brookline is currently having a system built out by Extenet. They are building out 31 nodes in thier Brookline system.

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